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The Connectome Visualization Utility (CVU)

an open source viewer for abstract brain networks

The Connectome Visualization Utility is a free and open source software project designed for the visualization of multi-modal, abstract brain networks. To facilitate visualization of network topology and modularity, cvu additionally interfaces with graph theory tools.

The program is designed for scientists, but is intended to run as a standalone application.

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CVU On Helix/Felix
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CVU runs as a graphical user interface (GUI). To start it, make sure you are using a terminal with the capacity to display graphics (initiated with ssh -X user@host) or you are using a virtual desktop client like nomachine's NX. In an open terminal type the following. (User input in bold.)

[user@helix ~]$ module load cvu
[+] Loading cvu 0.5.2 on helix.nimh.nih.gov

[user@helix ~]$ cvu

Note to NIMH Felix users: you can obtain server-side graphics hardware acceleration to speed you session up significantly by using the vglrun wrapper like so:

[user@felix ~]$ vglrun cvu

After a few moments you will see a GUI like the one below.


On Biowulf
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Precede the commands above with a call to sinteractive to request an interactive session on a biowulf compute node. CVU is meant for interactive visualization so it is probably not useful to submit jobs with sbatch or swarm.

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