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PartekGS on NIH HPC systems

Partek GS provides rigorous and easy-to-use statistical tests for differential expression of genes or exons, and a flexible and powerful statistical test to detect alternative splicing based on a powerful mixed model analyis of variance.

Partek GS can only be run on Helix, and cannot be run on Biowulf. Partek GS on Helix is running with a license provided by the NIH library. Each Helix user who wishes to use Partek GS must register at http://nihlibrary.ors.nih.gov/secure/PGS/. Registrants will be sent instructions within 2 business days.

Edit your .flexlmrc file to point to the hostname provided by the library, as per the instructions provided.

You can run the program by making an Xwindows connection to Helix, typing 'module load partekgs' to set up the environment, and then typing 'partek'. You should see the Partek windows appear as below.

[user@helix ~]$ module load partekgs

[user@helix ~]$ partek


For Partek tutorials please go to http://www.partek.com/Tutorials/.


SERVER UNAVAILABLE NOTE: If you get a red licensing message, or if you suspect the server is down, please contact staff@hpc.nih.gov.

For technical questions or problems with the Partek software contact Partek support directly via e-mail support@partek.com