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VEP determines the effect of your variants (SNPs, insertions, deletions, CNVs or structural variants) on genes, transcripts, and protein sequence, as well as regulatory regions.

Database Organization Ensembl 
Database Website
Location /fdb/VEP
Last Updated 2023-02-15
Related Application VEP
Update Schedule quarterly

29 Versions/Sub-Databases

VEP v103/fdb/VEP/103/cache
VEP v104/fdb/VEP/104/cache
VEP v105/fdb/VEP/105/cache
VEP v106/fdb/VEP/106/cache
VEP v81/fdb/VEP/81/cache
VEP v82/fdb/VEP/82/cache
VEP v83/fdb/VEP/83/cache
VEP v84/fdb/VEP/84/cache
VEP v85/fdb/VEP/85/cache
VEP v86/fdb/VEP/86/cache
VEP v87/fdb/VEP/87/cache
VEP v88/fdb/VEP/88/cache
VEP v89/fdb/VEP/89/cache
VEP v90/fdb/VEP/90/cache
VEP v91/fdb/VEP/91/cache
VEP v92/fdb/VEP/92/cache
VEP v93/fdb/VEP/93/cache
VEP v94/fdb/VEP/94/cache
VEP v95/fdb/VEP/95/cache
VEP v96/fdb/VEP/96/cache
VEP v97/fdb/VEP/97/cache
VEP v98/fdb/VEP/98/cache
VEP v99/fdb/VEP/99/cache
VEP v100/fdb/VEP/100/cache
VEP v101/fdb/VEP/101/cache
VEP v102/fdb/VEP/102/cache
VEP v107/fdb/VEP/107/cache
VEP v108/fdb/VEP/108/cache
VEP v109/fdb/VEP/109/cache


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