This track hub displays expressed sequence tag (EST) cDNA clones from eye tissues (derived from NEIBank and other sources) aligned with current versions of the human, rhesus, mouse, rat, dog, cow, chicken, or zebrafish genomes, including reference sequences for known genes. This gives a simplified view of gene expression activity from different parts of the eye across the genome.
The EyeBrowse track hub also includes a custom track display SAGE data for human eye tissues derived from the EyeSAGE project. The track shows the normalized sum of SAGE tag counts from all published eye-related SAGE datasets centered on the position of each identifiable Unigene cluster. This indicates relative activity of each gene locus in eye. Clicking on the vertical count bar for a particular location will bring up a display listing gene details and linking to specific SAGE counts for each eye SAGE library and comparisons with normalized sums for neural and non-neural tissues. To view or alter settings for the EyeSAGE track on EyeBrowse, click on the vertical gray bar at the left of the display.
Other custom tracks display known eye disease genes and mapped intervals for candidate loci for retinal disease, cataract, myopia and cornea disease. These link back to further information at NEIBank. For mouse, there is custom track data for ChIP-on-Chip of RNA-Polymerase-II during photoreceptor maturation.