Biowulf High Performance Computing at the NIH

The NIH HPC group plans, manages and supports high-performance computing systems specifically for the intramural NIH community. These systems include Biowulf, a 90,000+ processor Linux cluster; Helix, an interactive system for file transfer and management, Sciware, a set of applications for desktops, and Helixweb, which provides a number of web-based scientific tools. We provide access to a wide range of computational applications for genomics, molecular and structural biology, mathematical and graphical analysis, image analysis, and other scientific fields.

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Biowulf Utilization
Wednesday, April 1st, 2020
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Last 24 hrs
141,684 jobs submitted
109,364 jobs completed
2,876,043 CPU hrs used
26 NIH Institutes
213 Principal Investigators
408 users

Recent Papers that used Biowulf & HPC Resources

thumbnail image from paper YAP1/TAZ-TEAD transcriptional networks maintain skin homeostasis by regulating cell proliferation and limiting KLF4 activity
Yuan, Y; Park, J; Feng, A et al.
Nat Commun , DOI://10.1038/s41467-020-15301-0 (2020)

thumbnail image from paper De novo assembly of the cattle reference genome with single-molecule sequencing
Rosen, BD; Bickhart, DM; Schnabel, RD et al.
Gigascience , DOI://10.1093/gigascience/giaa021 (2020)

thumbnail image from paper Prediction of stress and drug craving ninety minutes in the future with passively collected GPS data
Epstein, DH; Tyburski, M; Kowalczyk, WJ et al.
NPJ Digit Med , DOI://10.1038/s41746-020-0234-6 (2020)

thumbnail image from paper Interplay between DNA damage repair and apoptosis shapes cancer evolution through aneuploidy and microsatellite instability
Auslander, N; Wolf, YI; Koonin, EV;
Nat Commun , DOI://10.1038/s41467-020-15094-2 (2020)

thumbnail image from paper Multiple lipid binding sites determine the affinity of PH domains for phosphoinositide-containing membranes
Yamamoto, E; Domanski, J; Naughton, FB et al.
Sci Adv , DOI://10.1126/sciadv.aay5736 (2020)

thumbnail image from paper Tick-Borne Encephalitis Virus Infection Alters the Sialome of Ixodes ricinus Ticks During the Earliest Stages of Feeding
Hart, CE; Ribeiro, JM; Kazimirova, M; Thangamani, S;
Front Cell Infect Microbiol , DOI://10.3389/fcimb.2020.00041 (2020)

thumbnail image from paper Low-frequency parietal repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation reduces fear and anxiety
Balderston, NL; Beydler, EM; Goodwin, M et al.
Transl Psychiatry , DOI://10.1038/s41398-020-0751-8 (2020)

thumbnail image from paper Molecular and cellular determinants of motor asymmetry in zebrafish
Horstick, EJ; Bayleyen, Y; Burgess, HA;
Nat Commun , DOI://10.1038/s41467-020-14965-y (2020)