The NIH HPC group plans, manages and supports high-performance computing systems specifically for use by the intramural NIH community. These systems include Biowulf, a 105,000+ processor Linux cluster; Helix, an interactive system for file transfer and management, and Helixweb, which provides a number of web-based scientific tools. We provide access to a wide range of computational applications for genomics, molecular and structural biology, mathematical and graphical analysis, image analysis, and other scientific fields.

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Biowulf Utilization
Monday, March 4th, 2024
utilization graph
Last 24 hrs
60,024 jobs submitted
34,459 jobs completed
2,403,858 CPU hrs used
23 NIH Institutes
245 Principal Investigators
482 users


COVID-19 Research Support

The enhanced priority for Covid-related projects on Biowulf was retired in June 2023. Since 2020, this priority has resulted in

89.1+ Million CPU hours used
2.2+ Million Covid research jobs run
79 Peer-Reviewed papers
26 Preprint papers

[More about Covid projects on Biowulf]

Recent Papers that used Biowulf & HPC Resources

thumbnail image from paper An unusual dual sugar-binding lectin domain controls the substrate specificity of a mucin-type O-glycosyltransferase
Collette, AM; Hassan, SA; Schmidt, SI et al.
Sci Adv , DOI://10.1126/sciadv.adj8829 (2024)

thumbnail image from paper The cysteine-rich domain in CENP-A chaperone Scm3HJURP ensures centromere targeting and kinetochore integrity
Folco, HD; Xiao, H; Wheeler, D et al.
Nucleic Acids Res , DOI://10.1093/nar/gkad1182 (2024)

ATOH1, TFAP2B, and CEACAM6 as Immunohistochemical Markers to Distinguish Merkel Cell Carcinoma and Small Cell Lung Cancer
Vilasi, SM; Nguyen, J; Wang, CJ et al.
Cancers (Basel) , DOI://10.3390/cancers16040788 (2024)

Lithium response in bipolar disorder is associated with focal adhesion and PI3K-Akt networks: a multi-omics replication study
Ou, AH; Rosenthal, SB; Adli, M et al.
Transl Psychiatry , DOI://10.1038/s41398-024-02811-4 (2024)

Comparative evolution of influenza A virus H1 and H3 head and stalk domains across host species
Trovão, NS; Khan, SM; Lemey, P et al.
mBio , DOI://10.1128/mbio.02649-23 (2024)

Genetic analysis of the X chromosome in people with Lewy body dementia nominates new risk loci
Bayram, E; Reho, P; Litvan, I et al.
NPJ Parkinsons Dis , DOI://10.1038/s41531-024-00649-7 (2024)

Multifaceted roles for STAT3 in gammaherpesvirus latency revealed through in vivo B cell knockout models
Hogan, CH; Owens, SM; Reynoso, GV et al.
mBio , DOI://10.1128/mbio.02998-23 (2024)

Association of cardiovascular disease management drugs with Lewy body dementia: a case-control study
Scholz, SW; Moroz, BE; Saez-Atienzar, S et al.
Brain Commun , DOI://10.1093/braincomms/fcad346 (2024)