High-Performance Computing at the NIH
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Biowulf User Guides

Biowulf User Guide

Development Tools -- compilers, MPI and more.

Transitioning from PBS to Slurm

Biowulf Job Submission (PDF) -- a cheat sheet for job submission with slurm.

swarm -- using swarm under Slurm on Biowulf.

Slides from 'Navigating the New Biowulf Cluster', July 9, 2015.

Buy-in node information

The Biowulf "buy-in" program enables ICs to purchase additional computational and/or storage capacity that builds upon the existing Biowulf infrastructure. The links below contain specific information for users who have access to buy-in nodes.

Other NIH HPC User Guides

Setting up a Globus endpoint at NIH

How To ... (set up an account, request more disk space, and other questions)