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3D Slicer

Slicer, or 3D Slicer, is a free, open source software package for visualization and image analysis. It consists of more than over 370k lines of code, mostly C++. Slicer provides a graphical user interface to interact with the data, in addition to manual segmentation and the creation of 3D surface models from conventional MRI images, Slicer has also been used for non-rigid image registration and to incorporate models of the neurovascular bundle using image segmentation in MRI-guided prostate interventions. Please note that Slicer continues to be a research package and is not intended for clinical use.

Running Slicer on Biowulf

To run it interactively on biowulf, at the prompt, type

 [user@biowulf]$ sinteractive
 [user@cn1234 ]$ module load 3DSlicer
 [user@cn1234 ]$ Slicer&

3dslicer window

If there are any issues or questions or comments, please contact the 3D Slicer developers, or check the 3D Slicer Help page.


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