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Datalad on Helix

Datalad provides users with access to a data sharing platform. Users can upload, version and share datasets as well as download datasets using datalad.

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Important Notes


Establish a connection to Helix and run the program to download selected datasets from neurovault.
Sample session (user input in bold):

[user@helix]$ module load datalad git
[+] Loading datalad  0.13.0rc2  on helix 
[+] Loading singularity  3.6.4  on helix
[+] Loading git 2.29.2  ... 

[user@helix]$ cd /data/$USER 

[user@helix]$ datalad install -r ///neurovault
install(ok): /data/user/neurovault (dataset)                                                                            
[INFO   ] Installing Dataset(/data/user/neurovault) to get /data/user/neurovault recursively            
install(ok): /data/user/neurovault/snapshots (dataset)                                                                  
action summary:                                                                                                                         
  install (ok: 2)

[user@helix]$ cd neurovault

[user@helix]$ datalad get snapshots/1003/
get(ok): snapshots/1003/13873.nii.gz (file) [from origin...]                                                                            
get(ok): snapshots/1003/13874.nii.gz (file) [from origin...]
get(ok): snapshots/1003/13875.nii.gz (file) [from origin...]
get(ok): snapshots/1003/13876.nii.gz (file) [from origin...]
get(ok): snapshots/1003/13877.nii.gz (file) [from origin...]
get(ok): snapshots/1003/13878.nii.gz (file) [from origin...]
get(ok): snapshots/1003/13879.nii.gz (file) [from origin...]
get(ok): snapshots/1003/13880.nii.gz (file) [from origin...]
get(ok): snapshots/1003/13881.nii.gz (file) [from origin...]
get(ok): snapshots/1003/13882.nii.gz (file) [from origin...]
  [10 similar messages have been suppressed]
get(ok): snapshots/1003 (directory)
action summary:
  get (notneeded: 1, ok: 21)