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IDL/ENVI on Biowulf & Helix
IDL/ENVI splash screens

IDL provides powerful, core visualization and analysis functionality, and capabilities that allow data analysts and developers to leverage IDL's power in multiple software environments.

ENVI is the tool chosen by scientists and researchers around the world who need to get more information from their data and imagery. As the premier software solution for quickly, easily, and accurately extracting information from geospatial imagery, ENVI consistently offers the most advanced tools available geared to leading edge science and research.

Running IDL/ENVI on the Systems

The IDL and ENVI versions installed on the systems are 8.4 and 5.2. You must load the module for each.

module load IDL #for IDL only
module load ENVI #for ENVI+IDL

After loading the module, IDL can be run from the command line by typing idl at the prompt.

However, a much simpler way of creating and managing jobs is through the IDL GUI using an X-windows session (see http://hpc.nih.gov/docs/connect.html for more information).

To begin the IDL GUI, load the module, then type idlde at the prompt.

To begin the ENVI GUI, load the ENVI module, then type envi at the prompt.

Be sure to use an interactive session on the biowulf cluster. You must request 6 licenses for IDL on the cluster.

sinteractive --license=idl:6

IDL - Interactive Data Language
ENVI - Environment for Visualizing Images