UKBB on Helix

UKBB are the utilities to download data from the UK Biobank project.

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Important Notes

Basic usage

Sample session (user input in bold):

[user@helix ~]$ module load ukbb

[user@helix ~]$ ukbfetch

ukbfetch on unx - ver Mar 14 2018 14:21:29 - using Glibc2.12(stable)
Run start : 2018-10-12T14:05:06 
Must specify encoded_id for participant (-e flag)
Usage: ukbfetch parameters...
 -a	authentication file (application_id + 24-char key)
 -b	batch file containing list of participants and datafiles
 -d	datafile name
 -e	encoded id for participant
 -h	show this usage message then exit
 -i	show program version information only then exit
 -m	maximum datafiles to fetch (batch mode only, capped at 500)
 -o	name of output file recording successful fetches
 -s	starting line (batch mode only)
 -v	verbose mode on

Compiled : Mar 14 2018 14:21:29

[user@helix ~]$