Biowulf 20th anniversary seminar series

28 Feb 2019: [Videocast]
  Biowulf at 20: Celebrating Two Decades of Supporting Biomedical Computing in the NIH IRP.
  Andy Baxevanis (Director of Computational Biology, NIH IRP)

  State of the Cluster: Past, Present and Future
  Steven Fellini (Biowulf Lead Architect). [Slides - Fellini]

  Telomere-to-telomere assembly of a complete human X chromosome
  Sergen Koren (NHGRI) [Slides - Koren]

  9 April 2019 [Videocast]
  Integrative analyses of gene regulation via long-range chromatin interactions
  Ryan Dale (Scientific Information Officer, NICHD)

  7 May 2019 [Videocast] [Slides]
   Neurogenetics on Biowulf: From GWAS to Machine Learning
   Mike Nalls (Data Tecnica, NIA)

  23 May 2019 [Videocast]
  Decoding Time-resolved Neural Representations of Working Memory and Motor Learning
   Romain Quentin and Leonardo Claudino (Leo Cohen lab, NINDS)

  6 June 2019 [Videocast]
  Using whole-genome sequencing to investigate hospital-associated bacterial reservoirs
   Sean Conlan (NHGRI)

  24 July 2019   [Slides (PDF] [Videocast]
  Single Cell Sequencing: Powerful Applications and Practical Considerations
   Michael Kelly (NCI)

  27 September 2019   [Videocast]
  Using Neuroscience to Inform Clinical Thinking: Research on Pediatric Anxiety
   Daniel Pine (NIMH)

  29 October 2019   [Videocast]
  Contributions made to the proteasome by substrate receptors
   Kylie Walters (NCI)

  12 Nov 2019    [Videocast]
  Transcription regulation in B cells
  Rafael Casellas (NIAMS)

  3 Dec 2019    [Videocast]
  Modeling complex biological membranes
  Alexander Sodt (NICHD)